Movement at its core has a desire to be a catalyst for unity amongst Youth & Young Adults. Across rural and small town Britain there are hundreds of churches with small handfuls of young people scattered between them.

Our Vision is to establish regular gatherings, bringing these polarised groups of Youth & Young Adults together to meet with God in a dynamic environment with high energy contemporary worship accompanied by quality Christian teaching that is practical, relevant and useful.

Our heart is to engage, equip and empower Youth & Young Adults to be all that God has called them to be. Releasing this generation to build the kingdom in their own Churches & communities.

This generation of youth and young adults are spiritually hungry and we are convinced that as we serve and enable this generation, the Kingdom of God will grow & a new movement will be born.

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Our Vision in a nutshell is to unite Youth & Young Adults together from all backgrounds / denominations in Fellowship, Worship & Teaching.

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