THE Vision

Across the South West and beyond there are hundreds of churches with small handfuls of young people scattered between them.

Our vision is to establish regular gatherings, bringing these groups of young people together to meet with God in a dynamic environment with high energy contemporary worship accompanied by quality Christian teaching that is practical, relevant and useful.



  1. The heart of Movement is to engage young people of all denominations in the call to follow Jesus, and then to equip, train, empower and release them to be all that God has called them to be.

  2. We currently do this in many different ways which may  include – Worship Nights, conferences, resources, training events and our Year-Out programme.

  3. The process of this purpose may vary from location to location, but each Movement  subscribes to this common purpose, as well as the doctrine and values that are outlined below.


We affirm the historic creeds of the Christian faith
(see the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith for more details).

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Our Vision in a nutshell is to unite Youth & Young Adults together from all backgrounds & denominations in Fellowship, Worship & Teaching.


1. Jesus Christ is Lord and at the centre of what we do
We value an intimate relationship with God – we express this through spending time corporately through song, telling God how much we love him, combined with a lifestyle of worship that reflects intimacy and relationship with God, righteousness and justice.

We recognise and value the person and work of the Holy Spirit - we believe that after Jesus ascended God sent His Holy Spirit to lead, empower, inspire and encourage us. Hence we always allow time in our gatherings for the Holy Spirit to minister to us.

2. We love & value people
We believe that all people matter and  the message of Jesus can, and should, make a real difference for the better in the lives of everyone. That’s why we always look for new ways to help young people build relationships with God and each other.

We want our gatherings to be a journey that we are all on together - encouraging, challenging and loving one another through highs and lows - so we always try and use language that is inclusive rather than exclusive.

We try to do all we can to ensure that Movement events, gatherings and personnel are ‘safe’ – we believe that the safety and welfare of our delegates is paramount and will take all necessary steps to do this, even if the law of our land does not specifically request us to.

We are careful not to abuse our position of influence by using our events as marketing tools – either for our own ministry, or the ministry of others.

3. We are called to action
We believe that we have been called to be proactive in serving this generation of young people, bringing the good news of Jesus Christ with excellence in a way that is relevant, accessible and useful. We are also serious about equipping and empowering young people to live out their faith in a way that is authentic and meaningful, believing that worship, evangelism and justice go hand in hand and we recognise that - through our words and actions - we can be a living representation of God in our local communities and the world.

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